Shipsea logistics company provides personalized transportation solutions for time-critical trade show and event statistics. Our excellent shipping track record continuous availability and, our expert and obedient employee altogether, make sure to meet all your needs.

Shipsea exhibition, fair, and display business is one among the leading exhibition for expertise. Shipsea determines that your exhibition and fair material is time-critical. If you’re choosing our logistics service company for your special events, the show will ensure to produce you a full quotation supported your intercept freight information.

Shipsea provides you with a suitable transportation choice that accompaniment or go with your budget. We offer you various shipping choices built, to fit in with your critical time deadline and budget. Shipsea logistics understand our ‘clients’ schedules, so that’s why we offer abundant service choices to accelerate your exhibit to its final point or destination. If you choose our logistics service company for your special events, the exhibition will ensure you provide you with a full quotation based on your intercept freight information.

Our forwarding agencies have rapidly expanded their scope of offerings and their operations to form a strong footprint in India’s logistics space. We make sure to make you feel comfortable with your shipping agency as your freight forwarding partner.

Shipsea Logistics is one of the best exhibition logistics service provider company with more than ten years of experience in controlling cargo to many trade shows worldwide every year. Shipsea logistics is a safe and effective transportation organization that includes planning and managing the supply chain. We provide value and positive contribution to the environment and society as a responsible corporate citizen.

We will provide full documentation support and packing advice. We can provide specialized and fully compliant handling of ITAR- Controlled and licensed cargo. Our company trade and exhibition are empowered to require ownership of your delivery and handle your material safely.

We can provide you with the military mission before and through and after the event. We’ll answer you all question respecting shipping, custom processed, and freight forwarding. We can give support of labour or rigging equipment. If you wish for unpacking or setup support Inland and international freight coordination for road and transport.

Our services

Shipsea Logistics can collect your exhibition goods or materials from any place across the globe destinations, provide customs clearance and transport your goods from the trade show area. We provide packaging of goods and returning transport. We will provide storage services for your empty and full goods.

Arranges all the spot task

We can provide you with unloading facilities and take care of your goods. We have a warehouse to store your goods or luggage. Shipsea can help you arrange your goods during your event and exhibition to give you a hassle-free experience.

Provides insurance to your cargo

We provide you with the best facilities for shipping your cargo in good condition. However, we understand your concern about your materials, so that’s why we offer you the insurance for your shipment.


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