ShipSea Network

ShipSea is one of the world’s leading logistics service provider with warehousing space around the globe. As a third party provider (3PL), we will design and implement latest strategies of supply chain solutions from warehousing to end-to-end distribution. We assist in discovering your logistics needs to leverage supply chain logistics performance to level-up business growth.

Our global networking agents have a proven track of record in distribution/supply chain process and warehouse storage. Shipsea directs and assist members with innovative marketing strategies to meet customers’ requirements. Our supply chain methodology drives collective group of global branding culture for further opportunities in dealing cargo consignments.

Our specialty is we combine various logistic functions to create service packages that are complex and cater to the complete set of logistics needs of a client. Therefore, we ensure profitability in your business and to stay focused on core competencies.

We are one of the member of X2 LOGITSICS NETWORKS


X2 Logistics Networks is integrated with multiple groups of global logistics professionals and independent freight forwarders who are expertise in their fields. The members of X2 Logistics Networks represent major sea and airports across different industry sectors and recognized for world’s most premium freight forwarding network. Our specialty is we are one of the only groups who believe that the quality of members creates a strong networking partnership, not the quantity of members.

X2 Logistics Networks department members are experts’ in demonstrating their commitment to providing the best logistics service to match customer requirements. The companies of X2 Logistics Networks are capable of delivering comprehensive and competitive logistics solutions around the world.

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